Youth participation

Adolescents are working in the planning team of our subcamp from the very beginning in an own participation team. Together we have made the decision that all caravelles and explorer should participate in the creation process as well as the jamboree programme itself.

The participation team has developed programs for two of your (weekly) meetings concerning HOME 2018. These inputs can be downloaded in the section "CaEx preparation meetings" so you can prepare for the jamboree at home.

At the jamboree daily meetings will update the leaders and in addition there will be a meeting for adolescents in every camp part too called the THINGYTHING. Two caravelles or explorer from every homebase will take part to get information concerning the group as well as to decide parts of the the programme. How this can/will be done you'll learn when carrying out the "CaEx preparation meetings".

We also want the adolescents to decide the "usage of mobile phones" – that will be one of the first and important issues being discussed, agreed and decided by the THINGYTHING at the HOME2018 Jamboree.

Getting in contact with your partner group and the preparation of your joint homebase will be found in the inputs.

Let's go! ;)