In a – self chosen – small group (7-10 persons) most different challenges shall be mastered in three ascending levels. Every group is free to choose from a great variety of challenges as well as what and when to do it. Some challenges can only be mastered with a further group or at a specific time or place. Every mastered task will be rewarded with pieces of a dodecahedron – groups that have got all pieces will be raised to the next level. 


Joint project

Every homebase (you and your partnering group) will get to deal with the theme of home by developing the joint project. Together with experts in specific fields we will provide a pool of ideas for the joint projects. Still on the campsite you will plan what’s the idea of your project outside the jamboree. In advance, at registration, you will be asked to choose the category “city”, “mountain” or “water” so you can decide whereto the 24  hours off-camp will lead you.


Blue Monday.

The CaEx-Actionday

The Monday follows the motto „Happy Blue Monday“! Caravelles and explorer will experience an afternoon full of action, a Blue Monday Dinner outside their homebase as well as a party on stage as conclusion of the collective subcamp-day.