to the RARO-Subcamp 
at HOME 2018!


The meaning of HOME for Ranger und Rover on one hand is to be at home on the campsite  – together with all other participants. On the other hand its leaving the place – to leave home, experience exciting days in order to return with new impressions and friends. As it is usual in the -RaRo-stage we provide the framework and the possibilities so you can fill the program with own ideas and engagement. Our home at the jamboree is as beautiful as you design it. We are curious.

The following information is yet just an overview because the programme is still in progress. News can be found online continuously.


5 Subcamp-parts

In every subcamp part approx. 100 RaRo will live with their leaders – every part in a balanced mix of regional, national and international participants. On one hand these subcamp parts are organisational structure (with daily leader meetings) and on the other hand the programme will help to create a common identity.



The challanges are small tasks always with the aim, to learn to know each other and to socialise with the others.