Coming Home Ball

Friday evening you will return from your Days Off HOME. And that has to be celebrated at a grand Welcome HOME Party. As you will want to sleep long on Saturday the day will start with an extensive BRUNCH.


Workshop @ Home

Monday and Tuesday of the second week are workshop days. We’ll try to offer a great variety of workshops (there will be adventure-workshops too), which you can choose according to your interests. Some of them will surely have the jamboree theme as topic: „HOME – here, there and everywhere“.



Besides all these fixed points of the programme additional offers will be provided. We are thinking about something like Highland-Games. A catering-tent will provide the opportunity to get drinks and small snacks in the evening. We expect that you’ll have a great time there, because the well-known team minds are bubbling with ideas and will surprise with cozy atmosphere and best mood. 

The Ranger and Rover will certainly take part in the overall programme events too, like the Evening of Open Pots, the HOME 2018-Day (both on Saturday) the live concertSunday evening, and of course the official Opening- and Closing ceremonyof HOME 2018. Both ceremonies following are own RaRo-partys planned.